From the recording You've Never Had It So Good


You've Never Had it So Good (Ian Roure)
Farewell sweet memory
Now they've all drunk the tea
You've made a strong case for insanity
Now we're forced to agree
As we sit in the front row
All nervously watching the show

Now that there's no shouldn't or should
You've never had it so good
Millions won on double talk
We've never had it so odd...

Welcome sweet destiny
Shades of the 70s
With choppy waters in the Irish Sea
And bigotry let off the lead
And I dare say we'll see worse
Why must we proceed in reverse

And I suppose it's just our time to travel
Here like so many more
And how hard is it to recover
Your way once you're through that door
Where myth is embraced and
Sense angrily scorned...

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