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Lo Fi guitar pop & rock with psychedelic & folk-ish tendencies by Ian and Liza Roure 

"Ray Davies channeled through the prism of peak-era, mid-90s Blur...""Majestically Jangly"“Brilliantly lyrical, darkly funny”- New York Music Daily

Lucid Culture says: 

"a missing link between Ray Davies & Robyn Hitchcock"

"...slacker pop with an  Anti-Folk edge for the anti-Trump movement" -Nightshift, Oxford

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Meet the Dada Paradox...

Named for the 20th Century European art movement, Dada Paradox is comprised of Ian & Liza Roure, former front persons of defunct New York City powerpop band the Larch (1998 - 2015 "catchy, lyrically brilliant psychedelic new wave rock” - NY MusicDaily.) 

Having relocated to Oxford, UK in 2017, Dada Paradox's Progressive Retro-Pop continues to deconstruct the psychedelic pop, rock & folk of the 60s, 70s & 80s transforming the elements into  an eclectic soundtrack for the present world.

Now Louder!

As of May 2022 the band has expanded to include the brilliant rhythm section of Nick Evans on drums and Chris Bayne on bass. The four piece have begun to appear in rock venues of Oxford  and rehearsing material for the first full band recording...stay tuned!

"Majestically Jangly"“Brilliantly lyrical, darkly funny”- New York Music Daily

"...slacker pop with an Anti-Folk edge for the anti-Trump movement" - Nightshift

Ian Roure: vocals, guitars,  mandolin, Irish Bouzouki, percussion

Liza Roure: vocals, melodica & assorted keyboards,

Nick Evanws: drums

Chris Bayne: bass

~D.P. hq

See also http://lizasongs.com/ - for Liza's low-fi, poppy garage rock and sophisticated lyrics with Ian on lead guitar.