New Video for Summertown Autumn!

Summertown Autumn (I Roure) 

Summertown Autumn: motorised mowers every day 
Summertown Autumn: keeping the growing grass at bay 
No hedge untrimmed, no stone misplaced, no leaf remains un-raked 
Summertown Autumn: such a joy to contemplate... 

It's another grey and rainy English Saturday 
All the kids are hanging out at Starbucks - or so they say... 
Caroline and Anne are testing out new and exciting ways 
Upgrading social status while they play 
A five-fingered discount but it won't pay 

Summertown Autumn: Security's calling off the fun 
Summertown Autumn: young ladies think about but you have done 
Your mothers understand it was the same when they were young 
Summertown Autumn: back to boredom you must come... 
back to boredom you must come... 
Caught a little fall in Summertown today 
Caught a little fall in Summertown today 
Caught a little fall in Summertown today 
Caught a little fall in Summertown today 
Summertown Autumn


My challenges this week were to a. defrost the freezer b. finish a song and c. record a demo of it. Well, I've defrosted the freezer and here's the finished song - now for the demo...

THOUSANDS of plays for "CONGRATS"!

FB goes potty for DP's silliest track!

Merely one of many royalty statements here - this particular one for 2,300 plays - illustrating the remarkable popularity of our most throwaway track. Meanwhile classic songs such as Find Ways to Matter etc continue to languish in (even deeper) obscurity. Though you will note that Spray Tan Apocalypse is shown to have had 100 plays on this summary - that's something at least!

Live online: Bat Boy Signs Up, Monday Down 13/03/21

New versions of two of our best known songs - Ian and Liza joined here by the formidable rhythm section of Peter Schuchardt (in the Netherlands) and Dada Paradox first timer Billy Pleasant (in London.) All playing live together over the internet via the miracle that is Jamulus software...


Images of Christmas 2020

Flash back to Christmas whereupon Dada Paradox played Images of Christmas (originally released under the Larch moniker) on the WorldJam Christmas Special show...

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