From the recording Albion Asunder - demos

An every day tale of modern day Oxford...


The Castle Street Contingent (Ian Roure)

In the April sun one afternoon I sat outside at the Wetherspoon
For a peaceful pint but unbeknownst to me
I'd meet the Castle Street Contingent
He sat all alone though the table was full
In wire Dickensian spectacles
He said 'I serve a king that's far across the sea,
And I'm the Castle Street Contingent'

It's a far-flung distant outpost, the heart of Airstrip One
Defending the realm one pint at a time
Till Last orders come

The king is dressed in the finest clothes
With a long red tie hanging to his toes
And a pumpkin glaze sprayed upon his skin
He's the pride of this contingent
As an X-er I'm not inclined to love any Boomer that sets himself above
But I praise this one and bully any foe
I'm the Castle Street Contingent

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