From the recording Albion Asunder - demos

Slated for release sometime in 2020 - the title track...


Albion Asunder (Ian Roure BMI)

The would-be conquerors denied
September 1945
A plan to stop the hateful tide from rising again
The Treaty of Dunkirk, nations unite
Seek safety found in numbers
No predatory foe will find us alone
With allies split asunder

In recent times the battle lines
Tricked by science misapplied
Through anti-social media: new ways to delude
The hateful influence we sought to diffuse
Convince in greater numbers
This blessed native oak
This once solid hope
This Albion Asunder

A toast, a toast of wine and ale
May one day this fine land
In dignity and fairness dwell
And her enemies be scattered
Their dark agendas fail

This blessed native oak,
This once solid hope,
This Albion Asunder

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