The internet reviews Happy Families by Dada Paradox!

We asked ReverbNation to rate our song "Happy Families" and the following are some of the more lucid reviews that came back from the anonymous rock-review-o-sphere:

Almost a Beatles vibe, I really like it! instrumentals really blend together to create a swanky vibe. This would not be out of place among the Rolling Stones and Kansas. The message of the song really captures the American dream gone wrong, as a husband is cheating on the wife, yet everybody hides it to protect the reputation of the family. It's a story within a song, which is truly music. It's got an inde rock vibe also, which I love.

This is reminiscent of the Beatles and the Beach Boys, two of my favorite bands (yes, I am one of those hipsters). There's a 60's feel - simple guitar and drums, and a dreamy feel about it all. Even the lyrics are similar.

This song is very upbeat from the start. It could be played at a summer concert or at a party. It seems like it would take place on the beach because of the upbeat tone of the keyboard and guitar. Also the vocals are very upbeat and lovely.

I like the tune to the song, It's original, kind of follows Jingle Bell Rock, but other than that, Great vocal range and vocal pitch, really like how all his beats combined together to make a collage combined with his amazing vocals. Has great tempo, and beats. I would rate 10/10.

The influences are very evident in this track, taking fantastic creative aspects from the Beatles style and bringing them into an impressive stylish light. Despite the drums sounding a bit dry and weak, the backing vocals are strong, providing a great accompaniment to the appealing and tuneful main vocals. The lyrics are brilliantly mad, and offer an amusing influence, with a punchy delivery and heartfelt power. This truly is a clever and deep song, with the only thing that stops it being a masterpiece being the unbalanced, contrast lacking, final mix quality.

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