Stay Home, Stay Safe! Check out the lockdown Dada Paradox live video...

Hey everyone: since we can't go down to the Wheatsheaf at the moment, here's a video we made for the virtual Klub Kakofanney: 

15 minutes of quarantined Dada Paradox fun featuring 4 - mostly new - songs - including the new, sardonic, soon-to-be single: You've Never Had it so Good...

Cheers for now and stay safe!

1. You’ve Never Had It So Good

2. The Castle Street Contingent

3. On Deep England

4. Find Ways To Matter


(c) 2020 Ian Roure (BMI)

Ian Roure: Guitar, Irish Bouzouki, vocals, FX

Liza Roure: Melodica, Organ, vocals

Collages by Liza