Sounds & Words

Spooky Action

Dada Paradox
Ian M Roure


Here there and nowhere between - quantum leaps...

Ian: acoustic guitar, electric 12 string guitar, lead vocal, tambourine, bucket (played as drum), recorder (2 overdubbed) synth drone bass notes  & plunky random synth sounds played on iPhone

Liza melodica (2 overdubbed), counterpoint vocal


A particle of light slips into sight

In an improbable flight

Here, there and nowhere between 

In every ray every seen


Each moment tells a tale 

In a sequential trail

Under reality's veil

Here, there and nowhere beteween

Encountered before it has been


Spooky Action that comes from a distance

Seems unreal

Still entangling points in the mind 

Connecting the present with the deepest time

Here, there and nowhere beteween

Here, there and nowhere beteween



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Lo Fi guitar pop & rock with psychedelic & folk-ish tendencies by Ian and Liza Roure 

"Ray Davies channeled through the prism of peak-era, mid-90s Blur...""Majestically Jangly"“Brilliantly lyrical, darkly funny”- New York Music Daily

Lucid Culture says "a missing link between Ray Davies & Robyn Hitchcock"


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