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Albion Asunder - demos

by Dada Paradox

Dent Resistant
Dent Resistant
Demo versions of Albion Asunder - album slated for 2020 release
  • 03:00 Story Lyrics The Castle Street Contingent

    The Castle Street Contingent (Ian Roure)

    In the April sun one afternoon I sat outside at the Wetherspoon
    For a peaceful pint but unbeknownst to me
    I'd meet the Castle Street Contingent

    He sat all alone though the table was full
    In wire Dickensian spectacles
    He said 'I serve a king that's far across the sea,
    And I'm the Castle Street Contingent'

    It's a far-flung distant outpost, the heart of Airstrip One
    Defending the realm one pint at a time 
    Till Last orders come

    The king is dressed in the finest clothes
    With a long red tie hanging to his toes
    And a pumpkin glaze sprayed upon his skin
    He's the pride of this contingent

    As an X-er I'm not inclined to love any Boomer that sets himself above
    But I praise this one and bully any foe
    I'm the Castle Street Contingent


  • 04:06 Lyrics On Deep England

    On Deep England (Ian Roure)

    A golden afternoon, pint of mild,
    Creased cricket whites
    A different history
    Made a different present you'd like
    Empire declined, industrial rewind,
    Reality refined...
    Your Deepest dreams have new life
    Now you gave up the mental fight
    You can almost feel from clouded hills
    Your feet alight...
    On Deep England

    Your fainted form was found
    And a tonic was prescribed
    Then you saw the vision
    And your fainted form revived
    Escher-like design, your saviour ever kind
    Has graciously resigned...

    When you close you eyes
    You can see quite clearly
    The future comes alive
    Like a cartoon on TV...Oh, oh...
    When you close your eyes
    They've got you easy
    Selling to the blind
    The world you'd like to see
    If you just believe...

  • 03:00 Lyrics Sundial Garden

    Sundial Garden (Ian Roure)
    I close my eyes and I'm down in the Sundial Garden
    The time slows down as you open the door to the garden
    No clockwork time telling just sunlight and shadow and day
    Sundial Garden
    Keeping the New Yorks and Londons at bay
    Keep out we say!
    Don't sully the stillness we pray
    And so we stay...
    Sitting in the shade of the arbour
    Wysteria frame all you survey

    I close my eyes and I'm down in the Sundial Garden
    A welcome surprise to be found in the Sundial Garden
    The world that you've lost's in the scent on the shimmering air
    Sundial Garden
    Slowly the Summer sun crosses the sky
    All that underlies: a sight for city-worn eyes
    As time floats by...
    You sit under the dial in the centre
    A flightless lion standing by

  • 03:07 Story Summertown Autumn - demo version
  • 02:53 Story Lyrics Albion Asunder - demo version

    Albion Asunder (Ian Roure BMI)

    The would-be conquerors denied
    September 1945
    A plan to stop the hateful tide from rising again
    The Treaty of Dunkirk, nations unite
    Seek safety found in numbers
    No predatory foe will find us alone
    With allies split asunder

    In recent times the battle lines
    Tricked by science misapplied
    Through anti-social media: new ways to delude
    The hateful influence we sought to diffuse
    Convince in greater numbers
    This blessed native oak
    This once solid hope
    This Albion Asunder

    A toast, a toast of wine and ale
    May one day this fine land
    In dignity and fairness dwell
    And her enemies be scattered
    Their dark agendas fail

    This blessed native oak,
    This once solid hope,
    This Albion Asunder

  • 02:58 Story The Shortest Day - demo version
  • 03:13 A Midwinter's Dream
  • 03:56 Story May Morning/Cuckoo's Nest - demo version
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Lo Fi guitar pop & rock with psychedelic & folk-ish tendencies by Ian and Liza Roure 

"Ray Davies channeled through the prism of peak-era, mid-90s Blur...""Majestically Jangly"“Brilliantly lyrical, darkly funny”- New York Music Daily

Lucid Culture says "a missing link between Ray Davies & Robyn Hitchcock"


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