New Release: Spray Tan Apocalypse (the single)

After spending the last year obsessively following the steady stream of bizarre & outrageous (real) news from the U.S. political scene, Dada Paradox have managed to come up with – and record - a few thoughts on the 2016 presidential election.

Released as an old school “single” - A side & B side - the first tune, Spray Tan Apocalypse, was written in November 2016 and is an attempt to convey the dismay and shock not only of the result of the election but also of the strange and really nasty propagandist techniques that were employed....all in a jangly, witty pop-rock song with a killer hook…

Written before the election had actually taken place, King of the Past contemplates some of the reasons some might have for voting for the "chaos candidate". As we weren’t expecting the chaos candidate to actually win, after the election the last chorus had to be rewritten to reflect the outcome – which, admittedly, did improve the song somewhat...

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