Dada Paradox

Named for the European avant garde art movement  Dada Paradox is comprised of Ian & Liza Roure, former front persons of NYC powerpop band the Larch ("catchy, lyrically brilliant psychedelic new wave rock” - NY MusicDaily.)

Progressive Retro-Pop!

Mobile Flight is the debut by Dada Paradox - a road trip through space and time with stops on dysfunctional family dynamics, witness relocation fails, quantum physics, fans of the apocalypse, riots: past & present and more!

4 songs from the album are available on the EP On the Map for free streaming & pay what you like download: hear it here!

Personnel: Ian - guitars, mandolin, bass, percussion, fx & vocals

Liza: melodica & assorted keyboards, vocals.

Mobile Flight by Dada Paradoxrelevant facts:

  • Lo fi! Apartment recorded & mixed.
  • Acoustic! Some acoustic tracks.
  • Surreal! Some short surreal tracks.
  • Rock! Some rock.

See also - for Liza's low-fi, poppy garage rock and sophisticated lyrics. Under the moniker Tracy Island, with Ian on lead guitar, her songs and sound draw comparisons to performers as eclectic as Richard Thompson and Blondie. 

~D.P. hq

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Lo Fi guitar pop & rock with psychedelic & folk-ish tendencies by Ian and Liza Roure 

"Ray Davies channeled through the prism of peak-era, mid-90s Blur...""Majestically Jangly"“Brilliantly lyrical, darkly funny”- New York Music Daily

Lucid Culture says "a missing link between Ray Davies & Robyn Hitchcock"


See also Tracy Island: